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Alexandra Asanache, ethical digital marketer, looking at her phone and smiling

Digital Marketing Audits

See how you are performing in your digital marketing, and get clear action points to follow and improve your online presence

It can be really difficult to know if you're doing the right thing as a business owner, especially when you are a team of one.

There's so much conflicting information online, and the tactics you may have been taught to use to boost your online presence may not always be the best ones in terms of performance, or alignment with your ethical values.

Even more worrying, these may pose a threat to the sustainable growth and reputation of your business, which is why it's so helpful to spot them and address them earlier on in your journey.

This is what my audits are about: spotting opportunities for improvement, and checking if your marketing messaging and techniques are aligned with your purpose and values, and are optimal to reach your desired audience.



Portrait of Federica Suess, founder of ETIKA, CSR consulting company

I love how creative and positive Alex is. She helps me to make my business appearance more professional and always keeps the values and mission of my business in mind. Thank you for your support Alex!

Federica Suess, Founder of ETIKA

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