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Welcome to my planet conscious corner!

As a digital marketer, I'm not just about helping small businesses thrive through ethical marketing practices – I also firmly believe in walking the talk when it comes to sustainability. Here, you'll get a glimpse into what I am doing beyond my mission and vision, and how I'm working to make a positive impact on our planet through my business.

While I may not have a big team behind me, my passion for ethical marketing goes hand in hand with my commitment to minimizing my carbon footprint and being conscious of the choices I make in my business. From the stationery I use to the processes I follow, I am mindful of their environmental impact. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into my day-to-day operations, I strive to keep my carbon emissions as low as possible.

A portion of my profits also goes towards supporting carbon avoidance projects through Ecologi, taking the impact of my efforts beyond my immediate business practices. I truly believe that it's essential to give back and contribute to initiatives that can make a real difference in tackling climate change.

I'm dedicated to helping my clients communicate their sustainability efforts genuinely and transparently, which is why I am continuing to learn about businesses' impact on climate change through the WENTA Net Zero Future program. I then actively educate against greenwashing and misleading claims, ensuring that businesses genuinely stand by their environmental commitments. Authenticity is key, and I work closely with my clients to ensure their messaging aligns with their sustainable practices.

Thank you for joining me on my journey towards more sustainable and ethical marketing practices! At the bottom of this page, I have added some handy resources for your own business sustainability journey.


From 2022, I started to focus on doing digital marketing with both wellbeing and responsible practices in mind.
My mission is to continue that in 2023, and to deepen my expertise in embedding ethical marketing values in the strategies I create, as well as taking a more holistic approach to how I implement them for my clients.

Through my services, I aim to make life as a business owner easier for my clients, by helping them to navigate difficult and often overwhelming parts of their marketing strategies, and by taking care of the implementation of their strategy.


I believe that as marketers we have a strong responsibility towards the brands we serve and their audiences. My vision is to contribute positively to a fairer industry, tailoring strategies and practices that are truthful, authentic, and that feel 'light' and personal for you. 
I believe we have a duty to not mislead or pressure communities into overconsumption, or into actions that are harmful to themselves, other people, or our environment.
While we cannot prevent all the wrongs of the world from happening, I trust that, through an authentic and responsible online presence, we can influence audiences positively, and contribute to a better world, today and tomorrow.
Wenta Action Zero - Net Zero Future Bronze Badge
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Based on my mission and vision, I created a set of services to fit businesses who are both at the start of their journeys and perhaps with a smaller budget, and well-established businesses who need a helping hand to get to the next level, with less overwhelm and keeping responsible marketing practices in mind.
My options include audits, one-off and ongoing consulting packages, and bespoke social media management. I am based in St Albans, UK and can work either locally with businesses based in London and Hertfordshire, or internationally with businesses based in Europe and beyond.
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